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2018 Class List

Knowledge of the rules of any sport is required of each participant and exhibitors at horse shows must adhere to this responsibility. Exhibitors must be fully aware of all rules and class specifications in the division or divisions in which he or she participates.


2018 Payment Release Form

2018 Class List (pdf)

2018 Class List 
 night shows start at 4pm

  1. *Halter Western all age

  2. *Halter English all age 

  3. G/R Halter (1st & 2nd places from 1,2)

  4. Showmanship Open

  5. Lead Line  (8&U)

  6. Walk Only Beginners Handlers Allowed E/W

  7. 10&U Walk/Jog/Trot (rider not eligible for lope/canter classes) E/W
    15 Minute Break for Tacking Up

  8. Stock Hunter all age Walk Trot Training 

  9. Stock Hunter all age Pleasure Training (W/T/C)

  10. Stock Hunter all age Walk/Trot JACKPOT

  11. Stock Hunter Youth 18&U GAYP

  12. Stock Hunter Adult GAYP

  13. Stock Hunter all age Walk/Trot 

  14. Stock Hunter Youth 18&U Pleasure (W/T/C)

  15. Stock Hunter Adult Pleasure (W/T/C)

  16. Novice English Rider GAYP

  17. Novice English Horse GAYP 

  18. Novice English Rider Pleasure (W/T/C)

  19. Novice English Horse Pleasure (W/T/C)

  20. Open Equitation

  21. Field Hunter Training all age Walk/Trot 

  22. Field Hunter Training all age (W/T/C)

  23. Field Hunter all age Walk/Trot JACKPOT

  24. Field Hunter Youth 18&U GAYP

  25. Field Hunter Adult GAYP

  26. Field Hunter all age Walk/Trot 

  27. Field Hunter Youth 18&U Pleasure (W/T/C)

  28. Field Hunter Adult Pleasure (W/T/C)

  29.  Trail Open

  30. Western Pleasure Training all age walk/jog

  31. Western Pleasure Training all age (W/J/L)

  32. Western Pleasure all age Walk/Jog JACKPOT

  33. Western Pleasure 18&U GAYP

  34. Western Pleasure Adult GAYP

  35. Western Pleasure all age Walk/Jog

  36. Western Pleasure 18&U Pleasure (W/J/L)

  37. Western Pleasure Adult Pleasure (W/J/L)

  38. Western Pleasure Horsemanship (pattern)

  39. Novice Western Rider GAYP

  40. Novice Western Horse GAYP 

  41. Novice Western Rider Pleasure (W/J/L)

  42. Novice Western Horse Pleasure (W/J/L)

  43. Working Western all age Training Walk/Jog

  44. working Western all age Training (W/J/L)

  45. Working Western Walk/Jog JACKPOT

  46. Working Western 18&U GAYP

  47. Working Western Adult GAYP

  48. Working Western all age Walk/Jog

  49. Working Western 18&U Pleasure (W/J/L)

  50. Working Western Adult Pleasure (W/J/L)

  51. Working Western Horse Pleasure (pattern)

**A horse may ONLY show in ONE Halter Division


2018 Officers

Richard Isley 

Vice President
Rebekah May

Mary Murray

Irene McLamb

Points Secretary & Webmaster
Mary Murray


Join for 2018 now - membership form  
mail to Points Secretary.

Points counts from the time the Points Secretary receives the form so make sure you join ahead of your show.

PRIOR to April 1, 2018
Individual - $20.00
Family - $25.00
Each Horse - $ 1.00

AFTER to April 1, 2018
Individual - $25.00
Family - $30.00
Each Horse - $ 2.00

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